Start at the bottom.

Work your way up.

Or get a bigger shovel.

Or maybe a smaller one.

Wait, sorry I got it wrong, yes start at the top, it’s easy pickings.

Actually, that’s a good idea too, go for the easy pickings and the big wins and then focus on the harder stuff.

My bad, focus on the riskier items first, that way you are able to test them longer and get the hard stuff out of the way.

Has someone done this before?  Maybe you can ask for advice.

Or maybe there’s an online course you can take or a how-to article?

Maybe you really need to start at the surface area and see what works.

Or maybe it doesn’t matter what your approach is, how you make decisions, how you organize your work, the tools you use or where you start.

Maybe all that matters is that you start doing something.


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