If you love something enough no one can stop you from doing it.

If you’re stuck in a job where you are constantly being told any of the following;

“No, that’s not the right way.”

“No, you’re doing it wrong”

“No, you should be doing this instead”

“No, you cannot make your own choices”

Despite giving your best, despite trying to learn, despite showing up all the time – it can be a hard message to hear and one that can be immediately translated in your mind to – “you don’t love this enough, don’t bother”.

And if it’s on a team or job where it’s not the right time for you to leave it can be compounded even further by knowing you can’t leave and you need to endure it for another 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

This is when you find a way.

When you make a plan to;

  • Tune out the noise
  • Get back to the why and the how that you love it
  • Make the plan for how you will level up during the evenings
  • Start the side-hustle

Your love for something isn’t determine by what someone tells you but what you are willing to do to get back to it.

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