Have you ever had a text conversation with someone where everything they said came out in 15 texts when it could have just have easily been 1?

It’s as though you are getting an inside look at the stream of thought running through their head and how they are reacting to what you are saying as you are saying it.

Little blips of thought as they come into focus thrown out in one or two word sentences.

Interrupting whatever longer, more focused message you might have been writing but that took a little longer to write out, but that had some very valid points to it.

Is this how we now talk to each other? As though we are text messaging?

Little bits of unfocused, unrefined, unfiltered consciousness that cannot wait to get out of our mouths? We have to be first because if we are last we will have failed in ensuring that everyone heard us first?

I think we’re better than a text.

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