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The New Lazy – Pick a Time


I used to have a calendaring system where I would push out my calendar to potential clients and let them pick when they wanted to meet.

“It’s easy, pick a time, it’s at your convenience, reach out to me.”

And it is, there are great tools out there for this, Calendly is what I used and it’s a fantastic tool, great integrations, slick UI – it’s perfect.

Here is where we have become lazy – we take this single, unique message that has intent to do good and we replicate it across 100, 500, 1,000 people and it becomes lazy.

We don’t care who we get the meeting with, as long as it is with someone. The first interaction is always – “hi how are you, tell me about yourself” – because everything before then, all we could gleam is on your LinkedIn profile and that’s not all you are, it’s only a portion of you who are.

Tools that simplify are great, tools that we try to portray as unique, custom, direct engagements that are easily mass market consumption are lazy.

And your potential customers are figuring out how to see through it quicker then you realize.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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