You might not know it, but for a while, I was (Writer)Blocked.

Couldn’t think of anything new to write.

Was tired with what was out there that I was reading.

Thought everything that had been said had already been said.

Couldn’t get started.

It made me think of how many times I sat down to start a new project and stared at the screen as it asked me what I wanted to name my class for the umpteenth time.

Did I know what to call it?

Did it sound any better than what it was before?

Would it really matter what I named it?

No, Maybe and Yes.

When I was writer blocked, I sat down in front of that blank screen and started writing whatever I could and it got the idea machine flowing again.

Same with the Code, I named those classes something bad and got started and then as I wrote more and more code, I realized they needed to be renamed because they were so much more then I had named them.

Being (Code/Writer)Blocked is okay, what’s not okay is running away from it.

Sit down, write something, do something, and the rest will happen.

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