When you’ve committed to a solution and are midway through the project, you’re in, there is no out (unless it is so bad that everyone is throwing up their hands, toss keyboards over their walls and generally ready to storm the cloud in the hopes of pulling it down).

But you’re not there, you’re working with a solution that might not be perfect but it’s 90% of what you need, so sure there is some work to do, but you aren’t dying, the project will survive and people are happy.

So in these cases – don’t get frustrated and say you should switch solutions or that this solution can do it so we should automatically switch to that because it does that one thing out of 5000 that we are using.

Take a breather, sure look at the other solution, identify what you need and figure out what to do, but don’t be the one to start the ugly discussion of switching solutions mid-delivery when you’re already on a great path to success.

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