There is no worst feeling than finding out the app you have loved for years and years, that has become a part of your daily routine, that does exactly what you want has upgraded itself and now does very little of what you want.

Where an action used to take one click, it now takes five, and it’s buried so deep you have to search for it every time.

Where the app used to infer or suggest what you wanted to do based on your patterns, it now gives you fifty options to choose from.

We all know that feeling and yet, when developing new features, we all forgot what can happen when we remove something that worked really well for something that is in beta, in trial or when a customer is forced down a path because we NEED them to start using the new system.

Whatever it is, the next time you push out an upgrade, make sure you’re not taking away something that is part of your base product that is going to make customers questions their loyalty to all your hardwork.

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