We used to put a lot of effort into what someone would see at their desk when they arrived on their first day.

Some getting started reading, some papers to sign, a great workstation with new equipment, perhaps a lunch out on the first day to get to know you better and of course, the flybys by the leadership team throughout the day welcoming you to the company.

How much of this is still happening? And if it is how are you giving it that personal feel to it?

Are the equipment and books coming straight from Amazon?

Are the flybys, last minute IMs that come a few days later?

Can they login their first day and know where to go from there?

Onboarding a new team member is their first glimpse into how the ship is run. From that moment they realize whether this place is organized, driven and pushing to succeed or whether it’s a disorganized mess.

Leading remotely means being there the moment that new resource starts, seeing them through the day and ensuring that their onboarding experience is the same whether they were in the office or at home (like nearly all of us currently are).

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