This is how I imagine the beginning of any software release.

Birds chirping because it’s the first thing we’re doing this morning is kicking this project off.

There is fresh fruit and bagels on the table because nothing reminds you more of something brand new than fresh fruit.

Everyone is in a great mood, primarily because nothing has had a chance to go wrong yet.

Everything and anything is possible – any risks that exist are brushed off because we have “tons” of time.

I’ve been through enough of these meetings to understand the importance of resetting the team once these sessions are over (primarily because of their confused faces looking back at me). It’s generally after these initial meetings where we head back to our area (or get on a call) and have the real kick-off.

  1. Here is the current priority list that will minimize risk.
  2. Here are our goals for the first release.
  3. Here is where I can see us running into issues.
  4. Here is what I want us to focus on first.

We still have bagels and fruits, but the spread that we put on them is tactical as we start to roll up our sleeves and get down to work.

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