We are day in and day out in the office. Whether you are working somewhere remotely for your company or working from home, you are pulling in more bandwidth to the office then you ever thought possible.

Everyone is worried about what is coming next and it’s seeping into our psyche (if it hasn’t already).

If you are a consultant/contractor, you are taking on as many projects as you can right now in case of what might come next.

Personal Development is going out the window because finding time is getting harder and harder.

Find the time, 30 minutes, something, anything – let it be a colossal waste of time – goofing off, reading a book, throwing rocks at a wall, something, anything that gets your mind onto something different.

Our minds are locked into one mindset right now – delivery and work – and we aren’t balancing that out with anything else when we are born to balance them out.

Find the time, carve it out, make it happen.

If you’re having time making plans, find a buddy, make a schedule support each other.

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