Tasks are the livlihood of developer work.

If you have an overload of tasks in your queue, you are in demand, you are getting work done and you are needed by your team.

If you don’t have any tasks in your queue, you should be a bit worried, a little concerned that your queue is growing empty.

Whenever my queue starts to shrink, I reach out to those for what is next, if it fills up by the end of the day I’m doing well, if not, I get concerned.

The key to having a full, overflowing queue of tasks is simple – Owning the Task.

  • Keeping people in the loop when something goes wrong.
  • Focusing on what the task needs to get done and not going over the place.
  • When it’s late, having a reason why.

In short, you own that task, you are responsible for it – it’s yours from the moment you get it to when you decide what to do with it.

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