There is a difference between getting better and looking better.

When you are getting better – you are focused on your team, their growth, their skills, their objectives, delivering the work that you do – in doing so you might have to change gears on the fly, you might have to shift your approach, you might have to try out new ideas.

To the outside, it might not look great, but you’re in it for the long run, you’re in it for the growth and the betterment of your team.

That is all that you are in it for – to Get Better.

Looking Better is about optics, we are only concerned with How we look and not what we do and accomplish or how we grow. All we want to do is look better.

The confusion between getting better and looking better is one is driven by internal motivation and values around yourself and your team while the other is driven by what other people think they know about you and how you portray themselves.

One is a tailored suit and the other is one that is worn but comes much more value.

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