The Hardest plan to work on is one where it’s about the people on your team.

On their growth.

Taking into account their skills.

What they are able to accomplish.

What level they are at.

It’s not a plan for you and what you need, it’s a plan for them and what they need.

Many managers will struggle with this type of planning because the line between their goals that they need to achieve and what their people need are not always in alignment.

Having to forgo their goals in favour of someone on their team is not something that comes easy to everyone.

What they fail to realize (in the short-term) is these are exactly the goals they should be focused on because in the long-term, these WILL be the goals that will help them grow and become a better manager and make their team that much stronger by having your people trust you, have faith in you and appreciate you.

That’s the hard part about leading, it takes time.

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