Been reading some articles that Agile is on its way out – Oh no! Time for a new methodology to come in and replace what we’re doing (perhaps we can hand it off to AI). Agile is a Framework, Waterfall is a Framework, and everything other methodology you use is a Framework – when you put them together, you the Lead Developer, Manager, etc. – they become a methodology. Rarely have I seen someone follow…

I read a plethora of Choose Your Own Adventure Books as a kid – they were great. I don’t know what today’s equivalent of them would be. But as I was writing this article, I could smell the paper, feel the book in my hands and was flooded with memories of flipping back and forth trying to outsmart the author – I never did. But here it is – Choose your Own Adventure.

The only way to go is down when digging a hole. When you hit a rock, you switch from the big awesome tool to the small tiny tool that is slower progress but gets the job done. When one obstacle is cleared, you keep digging further and further until you hit the next one. Until you finally hit the bottom, and then you’re there and you’re done. You never know how far you are to…

The best thing about writing code is the immediate feedback. It works or it doesn’t. Your code pumps out oodles of value or it returns bugs. Bugs are great, they never go out of style and you get the same level of response to what you are doing – immediate feedback as to whether you’re on the right path or the wrong one. Never fear the bug, fear the program that has no bugs.