I have spent most of this week refactoring code. Tweaking it. Optimizing it. Tracking it. Making it more performant, trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work and work, debugging through a mountain of bugs, and generally… making it work. It’s not simple work, it’s frustrating, it’s time-consuming, but it’s always eye-opening how the beauty of simplifying your work, has the potential to work that much better.

There is never enough time to take a step back and figure out what is wrong. Never. Ever. Until it breaks and then you have a ton of time on your hands to figure it all out, design the perfect solution and fix everything that was wrong. That’s odd, I thought there wasn’t enough time?

Coding with a team is like a relay race. Everyone runs (Sprints) as fast as they can, they go all out, pushing as hard as they can until they can’t go any further, and then they hand off to their teammate, who goes and does the same thing. Everyone’s top speed is different, but we are all driving towards the same goal. And no one can do it alone.

In every process, delivery, action plan, etc – there are critical gaps, holes that exist that can break everything – they are that critical to the entire process. At the same time, they are the greatest opportunities and bang for our buck to make things work and fix problems. Find the gaps, fix the holes.

Whether it’s an update or a release – we all know that big date that is coming, we have it circled on our calendar – we all know what we are driving toward and what it means. We know the importance of it to the customer. We understand the value of it to the team. We know what it means to everyone that has contributed thus far. Don’t let them down. Don’t push it out.…