How you get to where you want to get to, matters more, so much more than getting there. It defines who you are, what you are capable of what you hope to achieve, and how you are going to do it. Everything is about the journey to get there, the road you take, the path you lead on.  It can be only, but it’s better than regretting your choices later on.

No plan, no action. No action, no results. No results, you never had a chance. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated.  I still can’t get into any type of project software and find bullet points and checklists the best thing available to me. But there is always a plan.

Getting in the zone is the best thing – you’re focused, and on point, things work, and nothing can fail. The question is whether you can get there when not prompted, or can you get there on your own, can you figure out a path to get to the zone when you are not prompted? Get prompted, getting told to do something to get there to get into the zone is easy, getting there on…

Try it. Just see. It doesn’t matter if you get it right or wrong, just try it and see. Because if you don’t try it, you’re never going to know what could happen and you’re always going to be left wondering what should happen to make to get there.

You can ask yourself the question, or you can ignore it and figure it out later, when it’s too late, when you don’t have time when you’re overburdened. Or you can figure out now, what you need, what will help you, and what elements will you grow. You can figure that out and then, and only then can you start learning, growing and moving forward.