There is nothing cool about Scheduled Backups and Disaster Recovery… Until something goes wrong. And then they are the coolest thing in the world as they get you back up and running and bring you back to life. Many other things you might do, might not be the cool, sexy thing to do, but when the chips are down, you’re going to be glad you did them – keeping your resume and profile up-to-date, learning…

Whether it’s code, test cases, or requirements. Trust what you have built, and how you have built it, and share it with others. There is nothing to hide from having done an incredible job that you have poured everything into.

Back to figuring out the hard problems. Back to banging your head against the wall. Back to having setbacks. Back to things breaking over and over again. Back to betas that blow up. Back to Build Mode.

We get frustrated when we undertake activities when we cannot see the value they derive. Inevitably this is the response of our team as well. Everyone wants to be doing things of value. The goal then is to make sure you can draw the line between those that do generate value (focus on those) and those that don’t (eliminate those too) and ensure you are doing the same for your team.

It’s a statement we often say to ourselves as we sit in a meeting that we aren’t speaking in and aren’t contributing too. As the meeting progresses, we say it more and more to ourselves, over and over again. It’d be rude to just get up and leave and call it a day (you wouldn’t do that in person, remotely, some might notice). The key is in evaluating next time and politely decline. Meetings aren’t…