I wasn’t able to make a recent episode of Remotely Prepared and left things to Colin Harding to run with. Instead he walked with it (bad joke, watch the episode). Seriously though, if you are looking for an episode to relax to and feel instant calm – listen to this episode. Plus: Chickens.

Make sure they add up. Make sure they make sense. The numbers justify your arguments, your purpose, your direction. But when they are off, they become the focus as people try to figure out why they are off, why they are wrong, what goes into them, etc, etc. Instead what you’ll be leaving with, is a discussion about your numbers and not the reason you were there.

If everyone is using different apps to accomplish the same goal. Then no goal is being accomplished. No tool or app will ever be perfect, but they will be good enough. And good enough is what you need to ship. If you still don’t think it’s good enough and you continue to use multiple apps different then what everyone is using there is only one goal you are accomplishing. Holding your team back from what…

We are back for another season on Remotely Prepared where this season is focused on the biggest remote topic that everyone is fighting and/or thinking about. Work/life balance. What is it? What does it mean to you? How does it affect you? We’ve dabbled on the edge of it for the first three seasons, but this season, we are ripping off the band-aid and getting right down to it. Check out the trailer here.