Done, is not always the checkbox on the project plan. Sometimes, Done can be the first step in having an idea of what to do next and creating the spark for the discussion that will ensue. Done can be so much more than what we treat it as today.

When multi-core computers hit the mark, developers could now scale their applications to use most of each and every CPU at their disposal. To ignore them and run only one core was an utter waste of your application.  The change to implement was worth it, the learning and the time were well spent because leveraging more of what the platform had to offer made a better story for all involved. The same with the cloud,…

If you are a plumbing company, you are building infrastructure. You are connecting point A to B, you are making sure “stuff” goes where it is supposed to go, you are ensuring there is no waste in the system and you are ensuring that it will always work all the time. If this is the company that you are, then you should be building and selling plumbing all the time. If you are not this…

… it will pour, it will sour on every idea and plan that you had that were meticulously and perfectly planned. So have a backup for what happens, when you can’t do that one thing that you had planned for. If we should have learned anything over the past few years, have a backup, always have a backup.