Every product has a dashboard or reporting function that “shows” stuff. What your team is working on? What tickets are open? How close are you to releasing? What your traffic levels are at? What your sales look like for this quarter? They all show a valuable metric that you can then take action on and do something with. But they require you to look at them, to incorporate them into your decision making and for…

How you get to where you want to get to, matters more, so much more than getting there. It defines who you are, what you are capable of what you hope to achieve, and how you are going to do it. Everything is about the journey to get there, the road you take, the path you lead on.  It can be only, but it’s better than regretting your choices later on.

If you can’t handle the downs or act the same way when things go wrong. You probably don’t deserve the success or the wins that come along with it. Anyone can lead in the best of times, anyone can lead when things are going well. It takes a special few who can lead when things are going wrong.

Anyone can lead. Anyone can get a job or hold a position that has some time of leadership role to it. And yet, not everyone can lead with intent. Not everyone can commit to it, focus on those they lead, develop programs for their growth and development, take them out of the fire, and lead them somewhere different. But those who do, get the most out of what they do, put in the effort, stand-alone,…

What you do, how you talk, how you move, and what actions you take. These are the examples you set for what you do. They are what define you, they are what people know you for, and they are how you are remembered. If you’re worried about how you are being perceived, maybe start there, in what you are doing, today.