When to Break the Rules

When you need to figure out another way to accomplish what you want outside of the current rules.

If the rules don’t line up to what you are trying to accomplish then throw them and everything to the wind and do it your way.

Because you know better right?

You were around when the original rules were crafted right?

You know all the hoops and loops that you need to go through to make it work for you right?

Here’s the thing with the breaking the rules – it’s only temporary until someone figures out it need to be a rule and make it part of the rule set.

So if you are going to Break the Rules, make sure there is a future in whatever you are doing being adopted, otherwise, you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of them.

Your Favourite Meal

If you had your favourite meal each day, every day, how long would it take until it stopped being your favourite?

Two days?

A week?

A month?


Maybe you started off in a job you really liked.  It was the perfect job, the bestest job in the world.

But you’ve been doing it for 5 years and the last year you know you’ve been going through the motions so the “favourite” part is kind of dead to you.

So what’s next, where do you go from here?  Is it no longer your favourite?  Is it time to do the 360 degree pivot and moan about how you’ve been wasting your time?

Sometimes all your favourite meal is a change in recipe and BOOM – it’s your favourite again.

Same goes for your career, the 360 degree pivot should not be your first choice in rediscovering your favourite job when there are so many other options you should be exploring first.

Digging Out of a Mountain

Start at the bottom.

Work your way up.

Or get a bigger shovel.

Or maybe a smaller one.

Wait, sorry I got it wrong, yes start at the top, it’s easy pickings.

Actually, that’s a good idea too, go for the easy pickings and the big wins and then focus on the harder stuff.

My bad, focus on the riskier items first, that way you are able to test them longer and get the hard stuff out of the way.

Has someone done this before?  Maybe you can ask for advice.

Or maybe there’s an online course you can take or a how-to article?

Maybe you really need to start at the surface area and see what works.

Or maybe it doesn’t matter what your approach is, how you make decisions, how you organize your work, the tools you use or where you start.

Maybe all that matters is that you start doing something.


Leaders get it wrong

Substitute the word Leader for…





Team Lead

Project Lead

Senior of ___________

Head of __________

Dean of _________


And the list goes on.

What doesn’t go on is our patience when people in these positions fail.

We harp on “failure is awesome”, “everyone fail“, “failing helps you grow” until the people in those positions fail.

I’ve tried a lot of different ideas out as a Manager, Leader, VP, whatever the role – some worked, some didn’t, some were abject failures that I shook my head at when all was said was done.

That’s life, that’s trying to make something happen with the best of intentions and sometimes failing.

Something to remember when we are all quick to embrace the rising Culture of Fail, it belongs to everyone.