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If You can’t Pick yourself up


How will you expect someone to do it for you?

(That is all).
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We need the Bumps


Otherwise we never know what the look like. What it takes to get over them. What it feels like to pick ourselves up. We need them on the small ideas, the little experiments, the failures we celebrate internally, so when they happen to the team, the big adventures, the huge unknowns – we are ready for them. Hitting bumps isn’t bad, not knowing what to do when you do hit them is. Share...

Leadership Erosion


If left unchanged, everything erodes. The clearest examples being rocks by the ocean, over time, the water will wash them away, tearing away little bits at a time until there is nothing left. The same thing can happen with your Leadership is you never change it, never protect the base, never take steps to make it better or stronger. Over time, it gets old, used, the same techniques don’t...

Group Work


It doesn’t matter what setting you are in, when the Instructor, organizer, teacher, whatever, tells you to get into groups we all have the same responses… “Great, now my mark isn’t my own.” “I’m going to end up doing anything?” “I don’t have time for this.” Those are the negative responses to having to work with people we have...

Pats on the Back


Are the easy way out during review time. They are the feedback that makes you feel good for a short period of time but that accomplishes nothing to your growth and development. They get the reviewer out of a jam by making you happy (maybe providing a raise) with having undertaken little to no work to help you grow into the next year, cycle or project. If you receive one, ask for more, don’t...

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