is a horrible statement, because ALL things are never equal and will NEVER be equal.

When you say this, you are effectively watering down your argument for whatever solution you might be proposing by acknowledging that  your solution can only ever be evaluated against the current solution (or another proposal) and conditions where all things are equal.

But in life – nothing is EVER equal.  We all know it – this is nothing new.  And I will tell you right now, I don’t want the solution that must be equal, I want something that is greater than equal.  You want to knock my socks off, tell me that your solution can start at a less than position (in the hole) and raise itself to being equal and than surpassing all other solutions.  Now I’m listening, now I’m interested, now I really, really care about what you are saying and how you are going to get there – show me how you are going to make this happen.

But when you say – “All other things being equal” – I start to tune out and automatically start going into – “what scenarios have we missed, why does it have to be equal, what are we missing, is there something they are afraid of, why, why, why”?  Anything else that is coming from you I’m missing because because my mind is coming up with all these questions and concerns.  That’s the truth.

Don’t be equal, be greater than equal.

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