This week, I start on a crazy journey to try to ship and deliver and manage than I have normally ever done.  To get ready for this adventure, I’ve had to read a lot of blogs and books (still reading the books so I’m not all the way there) but the theme, the one theme is always the same and pardon the baseball term but I’ll put my own spin on it.

Turn on the TV, go to the game, watch a Pitcher take the mound and get ready to throw the ball at 97mph at the batter.  They spend most of their time prepping, getting ready, should they throw it to first for the out or second to catch the runner.  But at that one moment where they decide on the course of action, they wind-up and throw the ball, the instant it leaves their hands its a force unto itself that they can no longer control.  A MASSIVE gust of wind could swoop in and push it off course and  the pitcher would have no recourse.  He did all he could, he lined it up, wound-up and let it rip to homeplate.

So what does this mean to us?

As much as they might like to tweak the ball as it makes its way to the plate, you can’t.  You could not even try, you would probably hurt yourself doing so (i.e., eventually taking a ball to the face).  Once that ball leaves your hand, it has a mind of its own and sometimes it’s worth it to sit back and watch where it goes.

So, pick up the ball, wind-up, put everything behind it and fire it down the homeplate.  The hardest part is believing that you are going to throw it on target.  That’s what I’ll be doing.

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