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One post I wrote about a few weeks ago whilst doing my altMBA was more of a reminder to myself, but I think it bears mentioning across everything we do.

When the problems are large and heavy, we all have a tendency to glaze over them at first glance, perhaps become – “knowledgeable in a lot of things, but not really having deep understanding in a few things” – you know, get a gist for what is happening, not fully delve into it.

In everything you do, go Deep, dig down, take the problem and twist it on it’s head until you understand it from every angle.  It’s only at that point in time that you’ll really start to get a glimmer into you how to build the solution.

If you’ve ever seen the TV show Heroes, you’ll know there was this guy the Haitian who could erase your memories.  Thinking on this, this is what I need to start doing more of.  Don’t watch the whole thing, just queue it up to 4:26, it’s 10 seconds and then you can stop watching (unless of course you like this show, watch the whole thing).

Go Deep.

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