Whether it’s professional, recreational or personal we are all at some point in our lives coaches to other, helping those that work with us, look up to us or perhaps have even paid for our services – we are coaches – formal or informal.

As coaches, we have the experience, we have the knowledge, we have the game play all wrapped up in our head.  We know the stats, we know what has worked and we know the drills.

This is our toolbox.

Our job is to share the tools within the toolbox so the people we are coaching can learn to build something amazing with those tools, not what we have built, but something new, different, incredible – something we have never thought of.  The goal is for those experiences to then become part of their toolbox which they can then impart onto others as a new set of tools and grow that person’s toolbox, and on and on and on.

And yes sometimes their new ideas will fail, just as ours did, but this helped us to build a better toolbox so why not them.

So the next time you are coaching someone, and they are not doing exactly as you say 1 out of the 99 times, perhaps they are trying out a new pass, figuring out a new way to roll out patch updates or how to work with someone – let them roll with it, let them try it out – give them the tools and encouragement to go forward, but don’t stifle them in creating their own toolbox.

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