Everyone needs something to pick them up when they are down and the best way to do this is to find a theme song.  This doesn’t have to be a Top 40 hit, it could be anything  – a song you enjoy, the theme song to a favourite TV show or perhaps even a song from a musical you just saw – the point is – Get a Theme Song.

Components for a successful Theme Song;

  • It must resonate with you, lifting up, pushing you harder.
  • It must give you that kick in the butt that you’ve been waiting for, but haven’t known how to get there.
  • It must get you out of bed.
  • It must put you into the zone where you can get the most work done.

I have a variety of songs that when I need that kick, I put the headphones on, block out everything and I put it on repeat, that one song from now until the moment I have completed the task that I am struggling with.

Only afterwards do I then take the headphones off, admire what has been created and go back to what I’m doing.  When I am home alone doing a work, that song is ripping on the speakers so every where I go, I’m that much more motivated to keep going.

When you find it, don’t tell anyone about it, it’s yours, it only resonates with you, no one else will get why you like it – and that’s fine.

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