It is very easy to become entranced in the magic and mysticism of a new venture – whether it be a new startup or project.  We tend to focus on the carrot – what can we get and be if we are successful – and the carrot is always something of the physical variety.

Listen to anyone speak on the topic when the offer is in front of them and 9/10 times (based on my own experience) it goes something like this…

If I put in x effort, I will yield y reward.  If that happens it will have been ssssssssooooooooooo worth it.

And yes, strong emphasis on the s and o in that quote.  

But if you really want to convince yourself that this is something for you, you should instead approach it from…

If I put in x effort, I could fail.  Despite my best efforts, this could fail and the reward will not be 0 but possibly less than 0.

And by reward, yes I am talking about the tangible – the money, the dineros, the moolah – and if that is your definition of the reward, than I guarantee you, you will not be satisfied because it will never be enough.

Now, if the reward is an intangible – the knowledge, the experience, the learning to stand up when you fall down, the learning to present in front of others, the wearing 30 different hats a week, the blood, the sweat, the tears – than that is something you will get succeed or fail and will always be worth it.

So – what are you chasing?  The tangible or the intangible.

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