Take your favourite comedian and watch them work their magic on the crowd.

Notice anything?

When a comedian, a good comedian, makes you laugh it’s only the start of their delivery, they have you laughing, smiling, you’re almost at the peak and then they deliver the one-line zinger that sends you over the edge, you can’t contain the laughter you were holding in, you never thought you’d be one of those people that laugh with a crowd (fear of embarrassment?), but here you are losing it with a complete stranger, tears streaming down your cheeks.

You might have been fine with the first joke, but that’s the bar, the follow-up is what took that comedian or joke up a notch and blew you away.

So Code like a Comedian, go in there on your demos and show what you can do and build, but then setup the 1-2 punch or create  the punchline that’s really going to knock it out of the park- “Here is what you asked for, here is what I built… oh and I did this little thing that will save 15 clicks” – BOOM! – if they were not impressed before, they should be gobsmacked now.

And just like a comedian, leave them wanting more – not more code, but more of you and what you have to offer – there is no better feeling leaving a room and feeling that.

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