I have a lot of respect for people that struggle.

You know the type – maybe they are starting something new, something they’ve never done, something they are not sure of – and they jump in… but they stumble and fall, scratch their knees, fall down in front of others, maybe take a shot or two to their pride, maybe they let the easy sure path pass them by.

And if they had never struggled, they would have been fine, cool breeze in their hair chilling in the safety in all that they are and all that is around them.

Oblivious to never having tried.

But they get up, every day and they keep struggling only now it feels like they are pushing against something and each time they do it they get a little bit better each time.  The pushing is still there, it never goes away but they work through it and they keep pushing and struggling.

But while these few push and struggle, something amazing starts to happen, others start to get on board, spurned on by what these strugglers are able to accomplish with only their minds and a target.

I started this thinking about something else, but I ended it thinking about how I was talking to this Guide runner today where she  holds the hand of a blind person while they run.  And not just run a 1km or 5km (that’s what I ran) but a 21km run (half marathon).

That’s a struggle, that’s a real struggle.



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  1. While in Vegas, I attended the Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson One show and there was this dancer on stage with one leg…well everyone knows you need to legs to dance…Nope..wrong, they guy danced amazingly well on one freaking leg. You can do anything you put your mind to.

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