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Making the Unpopular Call


There are times, when the unpopular call is the only call to make.

However, it’s unpopular for a reason, because it most likely causes any of the following;

  • The team wonders why we are making this change?
  • It may work, it may not, you don’t know.
  • It’s probably late in the game and something needs to give.
  • Initially, it causes confusion and fear – why what did we do to get here, surely there is another option?

To add to all of this, you are hearing it and feeling it while the call is being made.  It’s not the most popular call, but there is one thing you know that others don’t.

It’s the right one.

Call it your gut, your experience, your inner unicorn, whatever – you know it’s the path you and your team have to go down.

So do that, push everything aside, make the call, commit to it, don’t waiver and lead the way.  Because when you make an unpopular call, your team is looking for leadership in how to get through the mire.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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