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The Caring Call Centre?


I had to make a call about a month ago to an ISP when a site I was working on went down in the middle of the night with no warning.  My first fear was that all of our data had been deleted and I did not know anyone who had a backup.

I called up the ISP and miraculously got someone on the phone and spoke with them.  At this point in time, my heart was racing, my anxiety levels were through the roof and I felt a large hammer precariously positioned over my head.

Whilst on the phone, the agent said all the correct things to try and talk me down off the bridge… all the correct things… from a script.  Not too mention, I knew the call centre was not where I was and as I pleadingly talked with the agent about the importance and concern over the data, I knew my concerns did not fit into their script.  So left the call with my ticket #.

The next day, after almost 15 hours of downtime, our site was restored and all was up and running – the agent even reminded me that – “see we told you nothing would be lost and now it is back up”.  Even though all has been working fine since then, it is the script that still lingers in my mind, what if the problem went outside of the script, what if the site didn’t come backup, what if my data was accidentally deleted?

Even though the script “showed” and “proved” that they cared, it didn’t instil the confidence in me that they were really caring for me and problems and in the end that I really just got lucky this time.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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