It’s amazing to see, even at a young age, how children can get slotted into positions when engaging in recreational sports and how the spirit of competition can easily find it’s way into the decision making process.

But you’re good at playing Defence, no one else plays defence like you, so let’s keep you there.

Where the child really wants to play Forward because it is something new to them, something they have not done very often and something they want to learn more of – maybe to understand the complete circle of the whole game or maybe because that is where their love truly lies?

I’ve been guilty of this, we all have.

Think about in your profession – how many times have you been told

We need you to focus on this, because you are the only person that can get this done.  You are the best.

Where your immediate thoughts are – “yeah but I hate this work, the only reason I’m good at it is because I such strong dislike for it that I don’t like to drag it out”.  That’s a problem and not one that is going to go softly into the night.

Some thoughts on how to break out of your pre-defined position;

  • Write tools that perhaps can automate some of what you are doing and take you out of the mix.
  • Educate/Train others in what you are doing so more people know what is going on without you being in the middle – slowly they will count on the docs and training – and the whole team benefits by having one more person of coverage in that area.
  • Play on the Edge – okay you put me in this position, but I really want to do this other thing, can I do some of this other thing if I am able to accomplish my positioned work first?

Notice the thread in the above, it’s not about changing the work that’s given to you, it’s about changing the work that you do by showing your interest in a new area and ensuring that your old position is taken care of.  You are taking the lead and the initiative to train others, to raise the game of your team and to showcase your talents in unproven areas before being assigned those tasks.

You chose to break out of that position, not to wait for someone to come along, pick you up and take you out of it.

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