sheldonKeeping up with some Friday Randomness, I tweeted about this yesterday but thought it might be funny to share.

No matter where you work, you are probably subject to an NDA of sorts and then if you work with partners, you are subject to their NDAs as well so everyone stays on the same page.

And if you subscribe to some early developer SDKs, well then there is a whole slew of other NDAs for you to keep under your belt.

And then if you work with any early adopter platforms that those SDKs are built on, you might have another set of NDAs.

And of course we cannot forget the event NDAs which can supersede your platform and SDK NDAs but could be within the limits of your Partner NDAs.

The beauty of all of these, is sometimes they vary in completely different ways where one NDA can override and depending on the situation and context can be reversed the next time.

Not being a legal mastermind, there are times I am talking to a customer and when asked a question I quite honestly do not know how to answer and have taken to imagine that I must look something like Sheldon Cooper trying to smile when trying to mentally decipher what can and cannot be said.


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