How many uniforms have you worn throughout your different jobs in your life?  Fast Food, Grocery Store, Housekeeper, Lawyer?

Steve Jobs epitomized the whole “only wear one thing and then you have one less decision to make” movement where some have followed to the extent of buying up their favourite shirt and pants in bulk so they are not literally wearing the same thing every day.

I can’t do that.  Although I am far, far away from being any sort of a fashionista, I do like the variety in my life.

I have noticed over time that I do dress for the job I want and the task that is before me?

Typically I wear dress shirts, but as soon as the jacket comes off, the sleeves are rolled up, it’s not a style thing, I think it harkens back to wanting to get in the trenches and get my hands dirty.  Quite honestly, I feel like a stiff if I don’t roll them up.  As such, when I’m wearing dress pants you know it’s some kind of a presentation with people I have never met before.  Beyond dress pants, it is jeans, jeans, jeans – they go with everything, they serve different purposes and they are always comfortable.

Comfort – that is huge to me – why me uncomfortable in what you are wearing and trying to impress someone.  The more comfortable you are in your own attire, the more relaxed you will be in conversations.

The perfect attire?  Yes it is the t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops – typically only worn in the summer or late fall… but by far the best work uniform I have ever had.  I keep more to the dress shirts these days and only go to the t-shirts on days where I’m not meeting anyone and get to put the headphones on and code away.  I know some people don’t identify this as proper work attire which is why Option #1 – Dress Shirt, cuffs rolled up, jeans – gets be half way there.

Am I dressing for the job that I want?

If the job is to get work done and ship- then yes I am.

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  1. I got some dress shoes that I’ve been wearing into work for the last few months. I’ve never worn any shoes that have made as loud footsteps as this one. Makes me feel really powerful on the way to the office, but I’m glad the office has carpets because otherwise the guys on the phones would kill me 🙂

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