I love reading articles that espouse everything you should be doing, and not just what you should be doing, but who you should be following, and who you should be reading, and what tenants you should be following, etc, etc

It takes the learning out of it, there’s no pressure any more because now you can offload this work onto someone else, just wait for them to come out with a new post next week and you’ll be good to go – pat yourself on the back you found the wholly grail.


Best courses/classes I ever took had nothing to do with Software Development and everything to do with critical thinking.  I wish they’d teach our children about critical thinking in class in the primary grades so they could learn to apply this logic to the rest of their lives early on.

Please note: I’m not advocating critical thinking  from the point of view of – “QUESTION EVERYTHING AND DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHERS” – just the opposite.

Critical thinking as three main components to it;

  1. The ability to take in information, digest it, form your own thoughts and questions surrounding the content.
  2. The ability to take this information and engage in meaningful, respectful conversation that gets the heart of the matter – expanding the dialogue.
  3. Apply the common sense component to that dialogue and forge your own path – where can you go.

Coaches, Leaders, Managers, Team Leads – we provide the tools, but what you do next is up to you – to build a new path or strengthen an old one, either way we all gain.


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