I had something else in mind to write about tonight, but then in the middle of a break watched this video and immediately started laughing.  I don’t know what the context is (I don’t watch Scandal) but it brought me back to my first day starting with an ASP Hoster out of University – having other developers throwing projects and code at me and literally freaking out the whole day that I was 6 hours away from being fired when I wouldn’t be able to fix the shopping cart so customers could start buying again.  I went home that night and read all night long, woke up in the morning, did more reading before going back to work.

Rinse and Repeat for the next few months.

Definitely a Newbie – not just to software development but to working with people, joining an already established team, trying to find a place to help out, leaving meetings with 25 questions, staring at a blank screen trying to figure out how to attach objects to one another.


So in the video below, imagine you’re Lena Dunham’s character and think back to when you first started at your company, project, team, scrum, etc and remember what it’s like when someone new joins your little corner of the world – knowing as much as you did.

We’re all Newbies at some point.

Still laughing.

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