No man on the moon or building my own rocket for these experiments.  In the past, when I have tried these experiments they have always been some big things, but this time it wasn’t, they were small and focussed.  And perhaps that was the point, do what can be done with what you have?

So what did I do?

I did something that is always in all of our heads, something we always feel we need to get off our chest and say and I said it.  You might think this easy and simple, but the hardest speaking engagements are not the technical (demos always fail so relax) and you can always blame the platform or your code (makes for good jokes) but the speech that lays it on the line from the heart for something that you truly, truly believe in.  That’s a hard one, I wavered between doing and not doing something because I knew there was only one way to do it – there was only one way to make the impact that I knew had to be made.  As I was delivering, my knees never felt so shaky and mouth never so dry but I pushed forward

Did it work out as I intended?  I received some feedback with some that tells me where I might have a made an impact, not everything can be changed overnight.

Pushing myself to do it was the real experiment, now that I’ve done it once, I feel as though I should sit down every Sunday night, reflect, and pick a new one for each week and perhaps maintain an ongoing catalog.


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