So, right about now everyone is thinking or putting into practice this year’s New Year’s Resolutions.

Are they good? 

Are they bad?

Are they unrealistic?

Will they survive past January?

I can’t say, but I would hazard a guess that all of the resolutions that we come up with in life are personally motivated.

I want to draw better.

I want to be a better coder.

I want to run a marathon.

None of them deal with corporate objectives or organizational strategies or what team your kid is going to try out for – all the factors that shape your external environment.

So then why is it, when everything in the above sentence starts to creep in and take over more and more of our lives our personal resolutions to ourselves (and perhaps others as well) are the first to go out the window when in fact they could be in direct alignment to benefit these goals driven by others.  Or they could be in direct disagreement too!

In one sense it’s admiral to put others above yourself on an ongoing basis, but on the flip-side there is something to be said for achieving your personal goals and what that can do for your well-being and those around you.

This isn’t to say you should throw out the kid with the bathwater (I think that is the phrase) when push comes to shove, but make sure to make time to achieve your own so when Jan 1, 2017 rolls around you’re looking back on the year with fondness ready to move forward again.

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