Wouldn’t it be great if there was an office you could go to and have the following discussion;

Me: I have an idea, I think it could work, what do you think?

Office: Yes that’ll work, if you put in 25% you’ll get this much back, 50% this much and 100% this much.  Which option would you like?

Me: 50% sounds like plenty for me, wow that is great, okay sign me up and how long will it take?

Office: That option will take 8.6 years.

Me: Sweet, excellent, thank you.

The hardest part about taking the leap is not knowing what if any payback you’ll receive.  If it worked like the above everyone would be jumping in and cashing in on whichever variant of their idea would be a success and they’d be moving forward with it at the pace that would guarantee them X by Y.

But it doesn’t work like that, and it’s never going to work like that, sometimes you just need to leap and adjust as you go.

The best way I’ve found to prep myself for such a leap is to imagine the most worst possible scenario and decide if it would be worth to leap if that scenario came true – would I be satisfied with that result based on all the effort I would have put in.

If the answer is yes, I leap, if the answer is no, I rethink.

But once you commit, don’t waiver, if you’re going to leap, do it with both feet and not dipping your foot in the water because that’s a simple that you really need to rethink.

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