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Experiments Update


For three weeks I’ve been focussing on my Experiments.

Delete all Games from my Phone

Sounds boring right?  Perhaps, I thought I’d been spending too much time sitting around, when a moment of boredom hit, I’d pull out the phone and start playing the latest solitaire game.  Nothing exciting, nothing crazy.

Perhaps I’m playing the wrong games you say?

Or perhaps I could be doing something else, something different?  I almost installed one last week, downloaded it, installed, played a level.  Then I deleted it.

Why?  I liked not defaulting to playing games when a moment of boredom hit – I liked the reading, sitting, talking, doing something, anything.

The result: I’m not sitting around playing games as much.

Scheduling of Posts

I know, another incredible Experiment, but lately I have been so busy that I have taken to writing all my posts for a week at once.

It brings an interesting context to the writing as now I can almost do a series in a week and perhaps there is some continuity between it all.

The result: I like doing the writing all at once, but do miss the daily writing as these posts do server as motivations, reminders, thoughts for myself that I enter that day with.  On the day of writing I feel super jazzed, but slowly it ebbs throughout the week.  I miss that feeling.

Next Steps: What do I do with the extra moments that I am now scheduling for.

More Analysis is required…


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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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