Remember when you were a kid, starting to collect to comic books at issue #373 of your favourite Superhero?

What went through your mind?  What was the first thing?

That before issue #374 and beyond you would try to collect as many back issues as possible to understand everything about your favourite character, every back story and side romance, every change in powers and team make-up all so you could have the complete picture.

Everyone loves a new project, it’s fresh and pure and has no history behind it – we are baggage free, the team is new and we are ready to make history.

Except for one thing…

The history of the project (of the book) is what makes the characters (and the team) so valuable and admired by others.  We want the back-story – “here’s why I had to code it that way” – “I never would have taken that approach otherwise, how inventive”.  We can learn so much from our own history that the baggage becomes something of value.

The way comic books are constantly relaunching themselves every 1 or 2 years is akin to the trend in technology where an upgraded project is treated as the ninth wonder of the world all because it is now a wave or phase or special edition or some other gimmick.

Don’t dump the history for a quick win, play the long game, learn the history, revel in it and growth with it.

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