It’s hard work keeping a team together, everyone has a different set of work ethics and commitment that drive their unique approach.

Sometimes they jive and sometimes they don’t.

The worst thing you can do to someone on your team mid-project is to write them off – “not good enough, not worthy of our team, we’ll drop you shortly” because it sends that signal loud and clear and from there – What would you do?  How would you react to being that person written off?  Why bother if they are going to drop you?  Perhaps your deliverables didn’t line up the way they were supposed to, perhaps you had something going on in your personal life that prevented you from finishing on time.  Whatever the reason is, if you gave your all only to be written off, what would that do to your output?


It’d drop like a rock and then there’d be a real reason for you to be written off.

Instead, before you get to writing someone off…

  • Sit them down.
  • Work with them.
  • Find out what’s wrong.
  • Is there a fit or a miss?
  • Can anything be done?
  • Build them up for what they have accomplished.
  • Set them up for success.

Who knows, maybe there is no fit and things really are not going to work out, but maybe, maybe you missed something the first time around and maybe there is a spark there needing to be kindled.

Sounds like fluff?

I found the best member of a project team this way that probably would have been overlooked.

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