Slack is easy to use, but it won’t fix your communication problems.

Skype is a great conferencing platform, but it won’t make you a better speaker at your team meetings.

Dropbox can store everything about your organization, but it won’t sort it for you by most important to client.

Technology won’t fix your culture and it’s time we all started understanding this.  

If anything, technology is an incredible concealer (knowing nothing about make-up, only what this term sounds like) and only serves to cover up the blemishes underneath.

Sure you could have a valid problem that could be solved by technology – i.e., “I cannot phone people oversees” – but this should never be confused with – “We are having problems communicating with people oversees.”.

One is a technology problem – we have no mechanism of communication.

One is culture – we are not on the same page, something is being lost during the conversation.

One will not fix the other and can often to lead to a blame game of why software package X did not solve our immediate problem du jour and it MUST be the software’s fault, not us.


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