The backbencher is a tough one to crack.

They sit at the back of the room, hidden behind a notebook or laptop, never looking up.

They don’t contribute to solving problems.

They don’t offer suggestions for growth and/or improvement.

They do, wait, patiently, patiently, when everything has been laid out, to submit their criticism of the idea once fully fleshed out by all those around you.  Depending on the problem set and political climate they might even wait until after the release to utter those oh so fateful words – “I told you so”.

They are not to be confused with those that contribute and critique ideas during the process.  These people contribute and seek to help all along the way, the backbencher does not – their contributions are solely based around the time at which they are offered, at most points the most inopportune time and in most cases for self-serving reasons.

Just another character that doesn’t belong to a great team and only serves to bring what you and your team are trying to accomplish down.

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