When thinking about moving to the cloud it’s very often portrayed as one or the other – Cloud or On-Premise.

And this is wrong.  There is a third market which has existed for some time that organizations may find themselves in for an extended period of time as they trial, test and validate before going from on-premise to the cloud.

The Hybrid.

The Hybrid is the world where some of your organization exists on-premise and some in the cloud.  It might not be a direct break between organizations or people, it could be a segregation of applications or channels of communication – asynchronous in the cloud, real-time on premise, data on premise, communications in the cloud.

Whichever the break, it exists and as a developer it’s a windfall of an opportunity for one very important reason.

The Developers who can build code that work on-premise and in the cloud and manage that dicey Hybrid world will be the winners as long as they are able to ensure that the customer experience never changes.  Sure it would hopefully get better as they transition to the cloud, but it should be seamless, effortless and simple.  It should not be a gargantuan task or undertaking that takes the company offline for 5 hours before coming back and realizing something was gone before having to fall back to the on-premise model.

The opportunity to not only build software that functions on-premise and on-cloud but also in a here and there scenario allows that developer to move past the current Cloud First strategies and into their own Customer First strategy which is infinitely more beneficial to your customer.

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