The NitPicker is a frustrating person to work with, for one debilitating reason – they pour through all of your work, all of your team’s work for the sole purpose of finding something out of place and exposing it.

Not to help make it better.

Not to improve the customer experience.

Not to stabilize a peer’s code.

Not to improve relation’s with a partner’s product.

Simple to find something that shouldn’t be there and making it known that they found it and that this simply, just simply must be changed before the release date or deadline is hit otherwise everything will go wrong, civilizations will fall and we all will suffer.

Aren’t we so lucky that you were available to find this issue to ensure we wouldn’t let this out into the field?

We’d be even luckier if when you found it, you raised a bug, assigned it to yourself, fixed it, sent an email on the issue and called it a day.

The latter is someone you need on your team to deliver, the former is someone a part of your team for their own reasons and not the team’s, only slowing you down.

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