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The Time Between the Failures


I can look at a sketch and go – I can draw that.

I can sit down to draw it and it does not come out how I envisioned it.

I can look at another sketch and go – I can draw THAT.

I can sit down again to draw it and it STILL does not come out how I envisioned it.

And then I can walk away for a week not wanting to try again because I really focused for a whole 60 minutes and it didn’t work.

We’re not afraid of the failure while we are doing it (hey I’m there I’m trying my best, let’s do this), what we are afraid of is how long we are going to keep failing and having to try again and again and again.

There’s a difference, one is to keep going when you’re already in the trenches, the other is to jump back into the trenches on a daily basis, hopeful this is the time you’re going to breakthrough.

It’s not the failures that hurt us, it’s the time between the failures.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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