Disclaimer: I am not a teacher by trade.

There is a trend in some schools to not give children homework – “It takes too long”, “I can’t observe what they are doing”, “How do I know their parents aren’t doing it for them?”, etc, etc.

All potentially valid reasons for not sending homework home with children.  However, when this happens, I believe the children are being robbed of a few lessons they would not otherwise get a chance to practice.

Organization  – I have all this work to do this week, I better plan out when to do what.

Responsibility – If I am to do these extra-curricular activities, it is my responsibility to ensure that I have completed everything.

Time Management – If I am not able to do work tonight, I better start getting this done now.

Three lessons – Organization, Responsibility and Time Management – three invaluable lessons that might not make a big deal when considered against the scope of the work, but three lessons that set that child up for success so that when they start getting homework they know how to work the problem – Get Organized.  Be Responsible.  Manage My Time.

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