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I spend a lot of my day at a keyboard and computer – whether it’s writing code, reading emails, reviewing projects and spreadsheets, writing blogs etc – it’s all at a keyboard, in a chair in front of a monitor.

I don’t mind.  But there is something that it doesn’t provide – something physical, something worn or dirty.

I can write a story on my computer…

OR I can open up my notebook and write, scratching out bad sections, putting notes into the liner and look back at my thought process.

I can draw a picture on my wacom tablet…

OR I can put pencil to paper and cover my desk with eraser shavings and my hands with pencil marks.

Those items that I don’t need to do on a computer, instead of finding that “app” that can make it so easy for me or let me sync it to the cloud and my phone in less than a second I have left in that book that sometimes I forget at home or need to remind myself to include that sketch pad in my carry on luggage when I travel.

All so I can fuel my love for creating things with work that is not software-based and doesn’t require a computer.

The result – something physical, worn, dirty, where my mistakes shine through and I can look back and see the thoughts that got me there.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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