I’m not some expert runner/jogger who has run a gazillion ironman and triathlons, but I have noticed something over the years whether it is on the treadmill or on the street.

I don’t build up, I don’t start slow, I don’t wait for the first incline – I just run.  When it comes to the hills, I run even harder.

And I’m not big on doing it in groups either, I’ll do it now and again, go out with the family, but really when I want to run, to push myself for myself, I’ll run solo, even through the rain.

I’m sure there is some psychology behind this about constantly going and going, never stopping, blah blah, blah – “the Runners Mindset” – sure okay.

And I’ll pay for it, after going hard at the end of a race on a hill, only to get to the top and hit the wall – take that self-confidence and hubris.

It’s not about to change and I wouldn’t want it to.

But it is a hard thing to teach to someone who jogs and vice-versa – just like it’s hard task to get someone to try something new that goes against the grain of what they have been doing their whole life and/or career and where they have planned for themselves to keep going to.  It’s not easy, but it’s possible and where you first have to get on the same page is the race and the goal, if you can come together on that, then the getting there is a simple matter of implementation.  If you can’t come together on that, then you’re never going to get there.

On a side note – I should probably look into one of those Zombie runs.

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