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Leadership when the Waters are Rough


It is very easy to Lead when costs are low, profits are high, everyone’s happy, the world is a glorious place to live in, etc, etc.

It is a whole other “thing” to Lead when everyone is unhappy, costs are on the rise, uncertainty is at a record high and nothing is going your way.

The really, really good leaders, can lead the same way in times of good and in times of bad.  They can lead as if the bad times ARE the good and no one should be the wiser.

They don’t make excuses for what is going wrong and what got them there – they see an opportunity to try something new and go for it.

They don’t complain that so and so is bad at what they do – they figure out a way to align their work to that person’s skillset.

And when the waters get rough, they don’t blame it on the weather or GoogleMaps, they batten down the hatches, focus the team and make something of it.

The beauty of being a leader in good times, and especially bad, is that it isn’t always handed to you, it emerges from within when one is presented with those conditions and opportunities to lead.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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