I did a search the other night on software blogs and their recommendations.

I was stunned by the results.

Each list I came across had the same Top 5, spread throughout their Top 10.

How, how can this be?

How can all these different people have the same view on what we all should be thinking?  Please know I don’t mean any ill will towards these blogs and their writers, but the lists, that are practically all the same, how is it in an Internet so large that these lists are so completely similar?

How is it there are no other views that breakaway completely?  How is it we are so focussed on everything in our own backyard?

I’ve recently got back into using StumbleUpon because I honestly find it the best way to find new sites related to interests I have, sites that don’t turn up in the Top 10 results but whose content is just as good (if not better).

No this isn’t an ad for StumbleUpon but perhaps a suggestion to not put everything into lists that are so widely similar.


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