“But you didn’t ask me about THAT.”

To which my answer always is – “Did I ask you how you got here?”


The best updates in any meeting, on any project are the ones that come voluntarily and don’t wait for the meeting to happen to volunteer them.  They are the ones that provide the most impact and make you think – “huh we probably don’t need that meeting, so let’s cancel it and keep going”.

But the meetings where people are only willing to offer up information when asked about a certain subject?  Yeah, those are the ones, where you grimace on the inside and think – “This is why we need to have more meetings” – because the only way to get the information out, is to extract it painfully from within one tooth at a time.

Waiting to be asked a question is an excuse for not having the answers that you should have and know you need to have.

No excuses, put up your hand, volunteer the information, take the lead.

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